Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Silk Painting and Batik with Caren Threlfall February Meeting 2017

This month we welcomed local textile artist Caren Threlfall who had come to show us the delights of silk painting and batik. Many of our members already knew Caren from various courses she had taken locally.
Caren showed us a range of samples she had produced and introduced us to the beautifully vibrant silk paint colours.
She demonstated the use of gutta to limit the flow of the paints and suggested that members might like to try a picture of a ploughed field, [see picture below] but could try out any ideas they wanted.

 Caren demonstrated how to apply the paint so that it flowed, mixed and then how to change the appearance of the paint by the addition of salt and drops of water.
Members were very keen to have a go and some of the beautifully vibrant results are below.

In the afternoon Caren put on her "cooking pot" to melt wax ready for batik.
Caren demonstrated building up a picture in layers of paint then wax applying darker and darker colours. She suggested we have a go at a dandelion clock.

Once the wax and paint were dry Caren demonstrated getting rid of the wax by ironing the piece between newspaper.
Some members got as far as this final stage others took their second piece to finish at home. There was lots of discussion over what kind of stitching and how much they were going to apply to their pieces without detracting from the beautiful colours.

It was a very enjoyable day with members being inspired to have a go at home.
A big thank you must go to Caren for inspiring us.

One of our members has embroidered her silk painting and added a few beads.

Completed work from previous workshops
A completed  "4 lines embroidery"  combined  with a stumpwork butterfly. Well Done!

 Weavings from last month;
Very pretty colours.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Weaving Denise Gates, Sandra Kendall January Meeting 2017

This month our workshop was on tapestry weaving led by two of our own members. Denise has been weaving for a number of years and produces fine detailed weavings.[see examples below]

 Sandra has only just started weaving a few months ago and is favouring textural weavings with found objects. [see below]

Members were told that weaving is very ancient craft going back into the stone age and practically every culture developed some form of weaving. Looms varied according to the needs and lifestyle of that culture.
We were also reminded that we had probably done some weaving in our embroidery e.g. darning, needleweaving, backstitch wheels etc.
 Denise and Sandra demonstrated how to warp our cardboard looms under tension and then how to do plain weaving.
We then warped our looms and made a start on plain weaving remembering not to put the weft under any tension otherwise we would have a piece of weaving with a "waist!" 

 As members reached the end of their thread they were shown how to add another colour and some brightly coloured pieces began to emerge.

Member then began to experiment with different textures, horizontal and vertical stripes and blocks of colour.

 Soumak, tassells and rya were demonstrated and members were able to add any of these stitches to their weavings.

 It was a very busy and profitable day with members enjoying learning new skills. 
We only scratched the surface of what you can do with weaving but by the end of the day you could see that members had already started to develop their own style and will hopefully go on to do more.
Thank you to Denise and Sandra for a good day.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Ice Walker Harrogate 2016

If you get a chance to see the Ice Walker he is definitely worth a look. Here are some of the pictures I took in Harrogate of him and the surrounding embroidered badges.
The embroidery on the costumes for the Game of Thrones is also very interesting: just type into your search engine "Game of thrones embroidery" and click on images and the costumes will appear.